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chinese yixing zisha teapot-drop ball

  • Model: drop ball
  • Manufactured by: jianming cheng
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length: 12.5cm; width: 8cm; height 9cm; volume: 200ml
This Teapot is named “ShouZhen Drop Ball teapot”. The raw material is purple clay ore in HuangLong Mounton in Yixing CITY OF Jiang Su province. Its’s designer ChengJian Ming was the apprentice of ShouZhen Zi Sha teapot, he made it by hand by himself.
This teapot is the middle one in the Zi Sha teapot, It has higher usable and collectable value. Why was it called “Duo Ball teapot”? Because it is consisted of there ball piled with each other. It has a round body, straight neck , semicircle top, natural curly mouth, and long and smooth hand. This teapot looks like antique , polished, and has beautiful line.
“ShouZhen Drop Ball teapot ” is one of the representative of Master Shou-zhen, which was awarded the NO.1 in “Panama international Fair ” in 1915. And in 1932, it was awarded Excellence in “Chicago Expo”. ChengJian Ming is the grandson of Master Shou-zhen, who inherited family technical secrets. “Shouzhen Drop Ball” which was made by him is exquisite and He is the only one who got prize in the Duo Ball technology. This teapot is not only inherited his predecessor’s art , but integrated his own artistic style. By virtue of this pot, The designer of this teapot ChengJianMing had got the gold medal prixe in the” first Shantou Tea Culture Expo”.
This teapot is on behalf of traditional Chinese culture and tea culture, which is oftern sent to international friends as a gift. The Master ChenJianMing’s works gradually spread to overseas and have a good reputation. We attached the collection certificates by the authority department, which have a very high artistic value and collection value, which is favored by many collectors of ceramic products.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 March, 2009.

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